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“Redhall Engineering and Redhall Jex aims to develop and maintain long-term relationships with its clients across the range of industries it serves.”

Storage tank services

Redhall Engineering has over 30 years experience in above ground storage tank, repair, upgrades and new build. Our management and site teams have been with the company for many years and are totally familiar with the expected working environments and fully equipped with the skills necessary to address the risks encountered when carrying out this work. Continuous training ensures that we are kept up to date with the latest standards, techniques and statutory requirements.

Redhall Engineering offers the complete range of services required by owners and operators of bulk liquid storage facilities including:

  • Design and manufacture of site built storage tanks and vessels
  • Repairs, upgrades and improvements
  • Floor removal, replacement and repair using hydraulic jacking
  • Replacement roofs and shell plates
  • Installation of additional shell rings
  • Transfer of tanks to different locations
  • Refurbishment of foundations
  • Protective linings and coatings
  • Tank products e.g. floating roof seals, drain and foam delivery systems etc
  • Aluminium and composite internal floating roofs
  • Aluminium geodesic domes
  • Associated pipework modifications and repairs

Repairs, upgrades and improvements are carried out in accordance with API 650/653 or BS 2654 codes.

Redhall Engineering provides tank services and products to all industry sectors including petroleum refining, bulk storage and distribution, power, water, waste, chemical and aviation.

Maintenance services

A core capability of Redhall Engineering is the safe effective delivery of integrated repair and maintenance services covering:

  • Site based maintenance resources
  • Maintenance and project management expertise
  • Change management techniques including extensive TUPE experience
  • Planning delivery and improvement
  • Flexible motivated workforce delivered through domestic working agreements
  • Mechanical workshop support
  • Performance focused and driven contracts

Long term relationships are a strong feature in our success, enabling efficiency improvements to be developed effectively.  We are totally flexible and responsive in the delivery of our services. Our customers are household names in the industry and our operations staff provides support to our customers 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

We aim to be seen by our customers as having a presence in the communities in which we operate. We target the employment of local people on tailored domestic working arrangements, thereby ensuring we provide a flexible and responsive service while maintaining a competitive edge.   We have significant experience in partnering and alliances.

Our approach to our service is based on:

  • Open, honest and responsive relationships
  • Flexible working agreements
  • Responsive service
  • Open book approach
  • Hands on leadership
  • Longevity and stability
  • Performance based contracts

Turnkey Solutions

Redhall Engineering has many years experience in providing turnkey solutions to clients who want to benefit from our full range of engineering capabilities. Our unique combination of project skills and manufacturing services are our key differentiator for clients seeking an ‘all-in-one’ package solution.

By employing highly skilled personnel in a variety of disciplines we are able to co-ordinate all the activities required to successfully deliver projects within agreed time and budget constraints.

We start with consultancy and feasibility studies to understand your requirements. Then using the latest 3D modelling software, our design team creates the concepts and proposals ensuring clear communication of ideas. We then develop these into smart, innovative and practical designs.

We are also able to develop User Requirement Specifications for tender to OEM’s and can co-ordinate all aspects of the procurement process from purchase through to line integration.

In our specialist areas such as Food & Pharmaceutical, with no affiliation to any OEM groups, we provide impartial advice to ensure the best process solution.

Our manufacturing facilities enable bespoke production of a broad range of fabrications including pipe work, structural steel work, process skids and machinery. With additional in house capability to develop and incorporate software or integrate proprietary process control and automation, we have the complete manufacturing portfolio.

Our project management team will manage all aspects of installation and commissioning including the on-site activities of sub contractors and take the role of CDM Coordinator to ensure compliance to current legislation. Safety remains our main priority at all times.

The collation and delivery of all documentation, material certificates and test protocols provides the necessary audit trail for regulatory compliance.

We ensure that agreed line productivity targets are met before a handover protocol completes the project.

Shutdown & turnaround solutions

Redhall Engineering provides a comprehensive shutdown service to customers throughout the UK, both on sites where we have a continuous presence and on those where there is a need to bring in additional specialist skills for a short period.

Working with our customers in the preparation and execution of shutdowns, we bring a range of skills which have been tried and tested over many years to ensure the safe and effective execution of the project scope.

These include:

  • Pre-shutdown planning and preparation work
  • Preparation of detailed work packs
  • Management of the CDM process
  • Work execution model with milestone audit process
  • Use of Primavera and Project planning tools
  • Provision of competent, trained resources
  • Unique “best in class” integrated management system
  • Significant experience of Tier 1 COMAH sites
  • Motivated, trained and competent line management
  • Procurement of replacement/spare parts.
  • Pre-fabrication
  • Testing, inspection and commissioning support

We take accountability for the provision of sufficient competent resources to meet programme restraints and deliver effective industrial relations in the run up and during events.

Mechanical construction

Redhall Engineering provides mechanical construction services through flexible project management and skilled competent resources, supported with pipework, structural steel and mechanical manufacturing facilities.

From bases across the UK, we provide a comprehensive construction service utilising a range of skills and competences, which have been tried and tested over many years, to ensure the safe, effective execution of the project scope.

These include:

  • Management of work through the CDM process
  • Project execution model with milestone audit process
  • Use of Primavera and project planning tools
  • Provision of competent , trained resources
  • A tried and tested Integrated management system
  • Experience of commissioning within live running plant environments
  • Significant experience of working within Tier 1, high hazard COMAH registered sites

A fully comprehensive and flexible service is provided to suit whatever project construction philosophy is adopted.

Services that can be provided include:

  • Offloading, stores management and distribution of client supplied materials
  • Project execution model with milestone audit process
  • Provision and maintenance of temporary services and welfare facilities
  • Procurement of non-bulk materials
  • Off and on-site fabrication of pipework, supports, structures etc.
  • Complete mechanical construction of the plant
  • Subcontract management of insulation, painting, scaffolding etc.
  • Testing of the works and commissioning/start-up assistance as required

Plant & process design

Plant design: Redhall Engineering maintains a full design service and has permanent design facilities available in three locations within the United Kingdom at Grimsby, Manchester and Birmingham. In addition, and where this fits the requirements of the project, we are able to place design teams within client premises worldwide. We can handle all of the main disciplines required to produce an effective plant design.

Document control: The Redhall Engineering design team has developed a simple but effective method of document control ensuring that we use the latest information available at any stage within the project.

3D models: Utilising the latest Solidworks AutoPlant, AutoCAD and CadWORX software, we can produce full 3D models of your production facilities allowing the tightest integration of the new process with your existing facilities.

With these software systems we can quickly produce the following data;

  • 3D visualisations - The ability to review the process equipment at any angle or distance required.
  • Walkthroughs - animated walkthroughs showing the process equipment as the operators and maintenance staff would see it.
  • Layouts - fully detailed 2D or 3D engineering drawings.
  • Piping plans - fully detailed piping plans using AutoPlant software.
  • Piping Isometrics - utilising the routing software built into Solidworks we can provide high quality spec driven production isometrics. Alternatively we can produce industry standard isometrics utilising the latest Autoplant and CadWORX plant design software.
  • Pipe supports - pipe supports designed and manufactured to Site, British or International standards.
  • Structural Calculations - utilising CADS A3Dmax software we can analyse the structural requirements for your project and subsequently size the structural elements and ensure compliance with BS5950.
  • Structural Layouts - fully detailed structural layouts.
  • Structural details - all elements of the structure can be extracted and detailed individually.
  • Vessels - designed and detailed to the latest British and International standards.

In all of the above cases the drawings are intimately linked to the model and guarantee that the drawings match the model.

2D design: Utilising the latest AutoCAD software we can produce full 2D Plant layouts incorporating many of the elements shown above.

Design risk assessment: All of our designers continually risk assess their designs and minimise the residual risks wherever possible. This process is documented within the design

Process design: In our specialist areas we have process engineers, project engineers and project managers who can help you to develop your process to match your business requirements. Advice can be given on the best solution to address the issues that inevitably arise as your business develops. Redhall Engineering has extensive experience in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This experience will be brought to bear on your projects with the sole aim of providing suitable cost effective solutions enabling you to maintain focus on, and forge ahead with, your core business.

Process diagrams: We can produce process diagrams, flow diagrams etc, using our in-house engineering team or, draw on the direct process knowledge embodied within the client’s production and engineering teams. Working to Site, British or International standards and documenting all process parameters and equipment specifications.

Electrical installation & process control

Electrical installation

All our electrical installation operatives are skilled tradesmen, with many years of experience in the relevant market sectors. Major factors in our success are their highly motivated approach, commitment to our heath safety policy and ability to adhere to our robust quality procedures.

Our success is also due to the allocation of a contracts manager and supervisor throughout each project. As well as controlling work in progress, they provide a readily available contact to ensure client satisfaction.

We will work to client specifications, or through the utilisation of our experienced design engineers, we can assist in project solutions. This can include the provision of control and monitoring facilities, additional power supplies as well as the re-wiring of existing equipment.

We are able to provide a top quality range of electrical services ranging from 11kv switchgear and cabling, to machinery control panel design and build.

  • Turnkey projects
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Cable management systems
  • MCC and Switchgear installation
  • Cable installation
  • Three phase installations
  • Control panel manufacture
  • Lighting

Process automation

By adopting a modular design and approach to software development, our aim is to provide cost effective and practical solutions to complex process automation requirements.

We have experience in a range of mainstream systems such as: Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, iFix, Factory Talk, Win CC, Beckhoff and Wonderware Intouch. This places us in an excellent position to offer an impartial solution for our customer’s process automation requirements, whether these be stand alone PLC/HMI through to networked, fully integrated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Software design: Two of the most important aspects in the development of any automation and control system software are traceability and specifications. We provide audit trails and documentation to support our customers.

High level management systems: The continuing integration of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) within industry, has allowed for the centralisation and provision of data as well as improved methods of collecting, processing, storing, distribution and presentation of the information in the form required. This can include graphical and tabular as well as words and pictures (mimics) to suit operational or managerial requirements.

Working in conjunction with a range of providers we have flexibility and have developed both MIS and MES packages to collate information relating to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), one of two key metrics for measuring Equipment Performance and Downtime Analysis.

In addition we have provided information relating to Batch Material Usage, Recipe Management, Clean in Place protocols and Production Schedules to give a few examples.

Control Panels: Redhall Engineering offers a range of electrical control panels from single starter or operator panels to complex PLC controlled systems. Whatever you require we can meet your automation needs, from an upgrade or retrofit, to a single machine or complete process line control.

We design, build and test all our panels in-house to ensure the highest levels of quality are built in. All panels and enclosures are tested for system integrity and we offer the facility for our customers to witness test and pre-commission phases prior to any on-site installation work.

All panels are built to EN60204 standards and are either CE marked or provided with a Certificate of Incorporation.

Exchanger Management / Bundle Pulling

Redhall Engineering offers bundle pulling solutions for any size of project, throughout the UK.

Our dedicated team can offer a safe, effective service utilising the latest equipment and comprehensive back-office support.

Offsite services


There are no substitutes for experience, training and dedication if you require first class workmanship. Redhall Engineering has multi-skilled production and installation teams that take pride in completing our customer’s work to the highest standards achievable.

Our piping and fabrication facilities utilise over 200 weld procedures.  With our dedicated weld engineering support, we are able to handle pipework ranging from ½” to 60” in diameter and also provide all of the necessary NDT, pressure testing, heat treatment and stress relieving support.

Our six regional sites provide over 7,000 square metres of production space, giving both the flexibility and capacity to ensure we can satisfy most customer applications.

Our welding capability uses a variety of methods including MMA, MIG, TIG and we use the latest orbital welding technology. All of our welders are coded to either ASME1X or BS EN 287 Part 1, with all pipe work appropriately pressure tested and for hygienic installations cleaned or passivated.

All bespoke machinery we manufacture is fully documented and CE Marked.

Our range of materials includes:

  • Carbon Steel
  • LT Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Duplex
  • Titanium
  • Hastealloy
  • Cunifer

In addition to pipe work fabrication we also undertake:

  • Light fabrication including HVAC, guards and cowling.
  • Fabrication of structural steelwork and pipe supports
  • Production of skid assemblies
  • Application of coatings
  • Fabrication of steelwork for plant and access, skid units, enclosures, bridge strengthening.
  • Manufacture of access platforms, gantries, walkways, ladders, stairways and hand railing
  • Manufacture of tanks and vessels and the fabrication of shell plates, floor plates and roof trusses for on site tank repair
  • Manufacture of pre-assembled units, pre-assembled racks, skid units and process plant modules
  • Fast track Welding and Fabrication 

Our core areas
Oil & Gas Chemical & Power Solutions Food & Pharma
Oil & Gas Chemical & Power Solutions Food & Pharma (Redhall Jex)
Redhall Engineering has an enviable track record of providing a complete range of services to the onshore oil and gas sector including new build, repair and maintenance, tank services and shutdowns. We have over 30 year’s experience in the oil and gas markets with health and safety at the forefront of the service we deliver.
Redhall Engineering provides specialist engineering services to the power industry. We have the capabilities to undertake projects within new build, retro-fit, repair and maintenance for fossil fuel, gas, energy from waste (EfW) or renewable.
Redhall Solutions offer operational improvement tools, expertise and knowledge, specialising in team, service and asset orientated optimisation. Delivering excellence by introducing value added solutions that focus on productivity and business performance.

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Working under the established Redhall Jex brand, we have gained 40 years experience in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. With a highly skilled, flexible, multi-disciplined workforce that is well versed in the hygienic and product safety requirements required, we provide a highly responsive specialist service to our clients nationally and internationally. Using a turnkey approach, we can manage all aspects of a project including CDM, ensuring each project is delivered on time and on budget.

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